Happy Cake Smiley The World Accordining to Me: Camp!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Tomorrow I'm going to Camp M! It's not really called Camp M., but I'm pretty sure my mom would kill me if I said it, because it's only for the city I live in, so ya. But it does start with m though. And if you want to know, 2 hints about my real name!
Hint 1: I'm named after the Indian goddess of everything. (I'm not Indian though, my mom loves the culture.)
Hint 2: I'm named after a hill in Ireland. (I am a quarter Irish.)
And ya, I you known India, you'll know my name. It can't hurt. I mean, I have a pretty common Irish/Indian name, so you can't track me down! There! My mom can't complain, I didn't technically say my name. Say in the comments what you think my name is. Ok, correction I'm named after the female Buddha and the hindu goddess of peace and the savior of the universe. I was close! Ok ya I'm also a bunch of colors. Yay.
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